Chongqing sailing Fish Food Culture Co., Ltd., a Chinese dining top fifty --- Five Pecks of Rice Group, one of the subsidiaries, is set research and development of fish meat dish restaurant chain, catering standardized logistics system construction as one of technology-based food and beverage companies.
     Enterprise thinking to create a fashion catering precedent, to create the first brand of the health of fish meat dish for the development goals; team of development, cooperation, honor and disgrace; Chongqing as the center to establish a direct chain Chartered associates for the country for the development of formats. Invite several food and beverage experts and the fish meat dish master chef involved in the development, combined with innovation and technology force Fair China bubble feeding fish meat dish first brand.
Chongqing mainly freshwater fish, river fish, saltwater fish, dozens of fish sailing Fish Museum, boutique dish, the taste of dim sum, the best vegetables, supplemented concentrate meat, refreshing drink soup, combined with professional, caring, standard the service, the whole situation awaits you!
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