① resigned righteousness: keep the wood stove to keep the wood stove, as the name suggests, guarding the the firewood the guarding stove heap duck. Duck to keep wood stove featuring Chinese dishes - Beijing roast duck, selection of fine plump duck, heritage classic duck craft, traditional, fruits, baked hanging furnace duck technology. Duck heat evenly, plump appearance, attractive color, cortical crispy, tender of coke, pleasant aroma.
(2), fruits, selection: keep the wood stove duck selection of high-quality, dry fruits, baked, and Jujube, apple wood, pear, persimmon wood as the main material, fruits, burning the free aromatic substances can be immersed in the Duck, has a refreshing special flavor.
The process
③ duck: duck body blow eight full to prevent the rupture of duck leg skin. Ripper right wing, not more than 6 cm, duck wings drooping naturally cover the incision; fight sugar color: the duck body spraying caramel water; irrigation: irrigation water to Ap belly, do cook outside grilled duck easily cooked and tender .
④ duck's origins: the impression that people on behalf of Beijing, Beijing roast duck is developed on the basis of Shandong duck from roast duck genealogy, their ancestors "the moxibustion duck" (also Sunburn duck) as early as the Northern and Southern Dynasties "food Jane recorded "there are records; Yuan Dynasty" drink meal with roast duck say.
⑤ eat roast duck: most classic duck eat: crispy duck with duck sauce, the cake volume large onion and cucumber lotus leaf. Lotus leaf cake will bake a good wipe a little homemade duck sauce, covered with twelve duck meat, put a little onion, cucumber, rolled up the package, the big mouth and bit off, good fun ~ ~
Recognition of the of
⑥ quality duck: the finest duck baked out, beautiful appearance, the abundance of plump. Skin color is bright was purplish red satin smooth. Epidermal crisp subcutaneous crackling thrown in the disk "resonate powerfully" sound. Melt subcutaneous fat between the muscle through seepage into the muscle fibers inside crispy tender meat tastes the delicious Suxiang, fat but not greasy, thin rather than firewood.
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