Five Pecks of Rice Hotel, a decade-quality, the integration of the five elements of the art of good health, a Southeast Asian style of decoration, to international star standard build Five Pecks of Rice Hotel, flagship store, a combination of the Southeast Asian ethnic customs and refined cultural taste, the introduction of advanced dishespresented to the customer exquisite Sichuan, Cantonese, Huaiyang, Shanghai cuisine and Korean dishes, the Hong Kong-style noodles otherwise special. Rich dishes, your business dinner, wedding birthday, the day-to-day gatherings preferred good place.
Five Pecks of Rice Hotel "health" as the highest purpose, dishes selection by excessive fine to coarse grains transition, adhering to the new concept of Medicinal and Edible diet developed headache, calcium, heat, blood, weight loss series dishes, the perfect combination of delicate health and coarse grains' customer goods food at the same time, get that nutrition, eat healthy, and customers can choose according to their needs dishes. With the health of this subject is on the agenda, more Sibu cultural system, and was loaded onto a star restaurant, opened a new century food culture sing the "health food March Medicinal and Edible new "Fresh" generation.
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