"Duck shack" is Bayu Folk pasture title the duck shed bar of saying. In the Bayu rural areas, the group raise ducks to lug duck ducks shed holding a Changgan rushing Duck foraging idle Tian freedom without feed, evening place the duck shed bar surrounded. Many people catch the duck a duck as a main dish, a long time, the best of food duck recipe and pass the world.
     Duck shed, heritage catch the duck eat duck recipe, "the daughter of the food side of cooking techniques, after years of painstaking research and development, launched a series of stew boutique. The duck shed advocate "delicious, health, the so-called" good soup taste good, all-cause material "duck shed your choice of materials fine selection of spring is not the old quality radish, a decade old salt, soil altar cook deep buried in the traits soil. Cook for more than two years of Saudi Chen sour radish, sour fragrant smell. After the chef cook, to create a perfect combination the stockpot with homemade specialties.
     The sophisticated duck shed accessories, dozens of fine spices, rich flavor of food for thought; build trait Matang, pure food, radish more sweet; the the bubble the turnip selected wine more famous Sichuan quality Tuopai song flavor Chunliang white wine, fragrant, rich and charming, more tasty. Take the well water 50 meters deep, sweet chilly coupled with superior of Guizhou Huangkou ginger, garlic and Maowen pepper, to build the acid radish Laoya of a pot of real wealth to the Bayu flavor.
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